Haiku from A Thousand Sparks​

The following are haiku from a completed 2nd collection called A Thousand Sparks, which has been finished in manuscript form.



seagull relieves itself

on a car bonnet

no longer black



slow moon

the same face turned to the earth —

silver coins



rush, rush

stop at the lights —

maple leaf falling



open blinds —

he stands on the balcony

naked in the rain



on the other slope cascading lilacs



rustle in the bush

an animal?

just whispering susuki



weeks after

mowing the lawn

a surprise of bluebells





a white dandelion seed

on its mission



on the hill

a tree bright with sun —

translucent leaves




vigorous sounds

from the young couple next door —

the wind stirs this night




waving in the air

over snapping cameras



the tide

covers the sand

reveals it again




tough hike —

on my way up

a billboard for coffee




taking a break from the hike

whispers of susuki



biting wind —

the warmth of coffee

in my hands



turning above the water

a flock of sanderlings

disappear, reappear



raven on the long wall


a twig in its beak




set across the path

a spider’s thread

it waits where?




through the beech trees

the sound of leaves —

water under the bridge



our last date:

with you

under these stars




both cold and naked —

without turning around

you slide the blanket over me



late in the season

magnolias in full glory —

a petal falls




leaves comings from the buds —

meeting a new friend



the moon

blocked by the cherry blossom branch

drinking beer at hanami




road in heavy heat —

the cricket sings

I sing too



cold sun —

on the last day of autumn

a child waves ‘bye, bye’ to me



from across the pond

one ripple

then silence




beyond the thick wall

the waves

again, again




Killiney Bay

a horseshoe

deep, deep blue



empty plot filled with daisies —

threatened with

a planning application notice



every passenger

absorbed with their mobile phone —

the train announcer speaks




light passing

through the van window

a veil of gold on the wall



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