Poem in the Waxed Lemon

A poem of mine Bottle Bank Therapy was published in the Waxed Lemon. I am delighted with that and look forward to reading the journal.

Bottle Bank Therapy

On the first day of ease from the lockdown,
I bring a box full of bottles, green, brown, clear 
and blue. They shine in the sun. Glass shards litter the ground.
I pick my way carefully to the bank and select a bottle. 
The neck is smooth. I lob it down the hole, 
listen to the cacophony of the breaking, 
a joyous crashing sound, the way the glass clinks 
through glass, makes the sound of rain. It is heaven
to me as I let go and keep letting go and think how will 
we gather our smashed selves into a new whole.

1 Comment

  1. Love how you turned one simple task into a thought provoking feeling..


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