Teenage Encounter: a haibun

A haibun of mine called Teenage Encounter was published in the online journal Drifting Sands, issue 18.

Here’s the text of the haibun:

Teenage Encounter

I cycle my way back from the Phoenix Park, Dublin, to where the motorway meets the Grand Canal. Teenage boys, some shirtless, crowd the towpath. Two of them stand on a low fence on the motorway bridge. The crowd chants in a raucous manner. I weave my way through afraid they might take my bike off me. The dark-haired fellow jumps. The crowd cheers and eggs on the other chap who soon jumps. Waves flow out, widening up and down the canal. I shake my head and tut softly so as not to be heard.

chimney stack
among the buttercups
horse hoof prints

Later the back wheel of my bike comes off. I try to get the chain and the wheel to line up properly and fail. I swear. A group of different teenagers walk by. One red-headed guy grabs my back wheel and as he speaks with a rough accent I step back. Quickly he slots the wheel into place. Looking at his hands, he complains that I caused them to get dirty and demands payment. He grasps my tenner. 

trapped water
spurts from a lock
the ripples soon settle

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