The Dream Tree: a poem

The sky is dark with fear
with the moon a yellow parachute
making shadows long.

Salena is with her two children in the bathroom
before bedtime. Badriya and Amin wash their face,
then the car bomb goes off.

Salena runs, squeezing their hands.
Her shoes stick in the mud
then she abandons them.

Reaching a border post, they are refused entry
since they lack paperwork.
Salena gives the guard an unspoken favour.

She tells Badriya and Amin about the dream tree.
It sways its branches when you sing to it
and it makes your dreams come true.

The moon shines over the campsite,
a forest of yellow plastic sheets.
They stand with a sheet between
touching the outline of their faces.

(Published in The Blue Nib, issue 38, June 2019)

6 poems in the Blue Nib

Delighted to announce that six poem of mine are in the Blue Nib journal issue 38, June 2019. The poems are called The Lake, The School, The Still Point, 1st September 2014, Sole, and The Dream Tree. You can view them on the above blog entries or view them on The Blue Nib website on or order paper copy of issue 38 from the Blue Nib website by following the link.

Eight Poems Shortlisted

Eight Poems Shortlisted in the Blue Nib Chapbook Contest

Eight poems of mine where shortlisted as Highly Commended in the Blue Nib Chapbook Poetry Contest IV 2018. Helen Mort, the poet, was the judging poet. I found out a few weeks ago. I am delighted. There were many submissions so to get Highly Commended is a great accolade. Thanks to the Blue Nib. Please click on the link to read more.