List of Publications

Poetry Chapbook

  • Camino Cantos has been accepted for publication by Lapwing Press. Camino Cantos is a chapbook of 18 poems written on the Camino de Santiago

Individual Poems

40 poems have been/will be published by literary journals, anthologies and websites:

  • The Journey and The Countryside were published in the anthology Smoketails published by students of UCC in 1998
  • The Source, the journal of the Students Union at Maynooth University published Invitation in 1999
  • The Stinging Fly Issue 24, Vol. 2 published Walls and Since 10 o’clock in 2013
  • Cyphers published On Brighton Beach in 2013 and Gaze in 2014
  • The Limerick Writer’s Centre published Lahinch Walk and Conifer Man in It’s a Queer City: All the Same, an anthology of LGBT writing from Limerick in 2016. It was edited by Shane Vaughan
  • Warm Bedrock was published on the Library After Dark Writers’ Cafe webpage in 2016
  • Boyne Berries published Settlings in 2017, Mariposas in 2018, Lady of the Lake in 2019, and In Glendalough Wood in 2020
  • The Ballyroan Library website published In the bath and Pass in 2018, and Aftermath in 2020
  • The Blue Nib published Dawn Over O’Cebreiro in 2018; also The Dream Tree, The Lake, The School, The Still Point, 1st September 2014, and Sole were in 2019
  • The Waterford Teacher’s Centre published Footprints and Shrine an anthology Teachers’ Who Write  in 2018, edited by Edward Denniston
  • Flare, the occasional journal of the Sunflower Sessions, republished six haiku from A Thousand Sparks in Flare 10 and Driftwood appeared in Flare 11 both in 2019
  • Poetry 24 website published Water Table and The Weathervane in 2019
  • In the anthology Mustang Bally The Eight Sisters, Hymn, A Sort of Song, Faltering into Sound, and Bendición, were published in 2019. Mustang Bally was published by The Ballyfermot Writer’s Group in conjunction with the Ballymun Writer’s Group
  • Impossible Archetype published The River in issue 6 in 2019, and Bright Morning in issue 7 in March 2020
  • The Market Lane Writers’ Group, Fermoy, Co. Cork published The Feather Hair Clip and Way Home in the All to One Side anthology in 2019
  • Crossways published At Cee for issue 8 in 2019
  • The Singing Hollow was published in Crannóg issue 52 in March 2020

Haiku Collections

  • Thames Way is my first collection of haiku and tanka and was published in 2015 by Alba Publishing. ISBN 978-1-910185-23-0. Launched on the 22nd October 2015
  • A Thousand Sparks is my second collection of haiku and was published in 2018 by Alba Publishing. ISBN 978-1-910185-44-5. Launched on the 18th October 2018

Haiku and Tanka poems

Since 2010 about 170 of my haiku and tanka have been published in the following journals, websites and anthologies:

Journals and Websites

  • A Hundred Gourds, an online journal
  • Akitsu Quarterly, a small journal
  • Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society
  • bottle rockets, an experimental haiku journal
  • cattails, an online haiku journal
  • Chrysanthemum, a German and English haiku journal
  • Deewriter, the personal webpage and blog of Diarmuid Fitzgerald
  • Failed Haiku, an online journal focusing on haiku about humans
  • Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society of America
  • Gnarled Oak, an online journal of haiku and short lyric poems
  • Hedgerow, an online journal of small poems
  • Icebox, the blog of Hailstones Haiku Circle, based in Kyoto, Japan
  • Ink, Sweat and Tears, an online journal of small poems
  • Kokako, a New Zealand haiku journal
  • Modern Haiku, the leading independent journal of haiku in America
  • Presence, an independent British haiku journal
  • seashore, an independent Irish haiku journal
  • Shamrock, the online journal of the Irish Haiku Society
  • Skylight 47, an independent newspaper of poetry
  • Under the Basho, an online archive
  • WA Poets Inc, an online journal
  • Wild Plums, an online seasonal journal


  • Beginning: the British Haiku Society Members’ Anthology 2016 
  • Edge: the British Haiku Society Member’s Anthology 2015
  • Ekphrasis: The British Haiku Society Members’ Anthology 2017
  • Meltdown, an anthology published by Hailstones Haiku Circle
  • One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each, an anthology by Hailstones Haiku Circle
  • Persimmon, an anthology published by the Hailstones Haiku Circle 2017
  • ‘poet meets painter’ the original Hungry Hill Writer’s Group anthology in 2010
  • Selfies and Portraits: Snapshots from the Library After Dark Writers’ Café, an anthology from the Library After Dark hosted in Clondalkin Library
  • Stone after stone, an anthology of haiku writing, Haiku Ireland 2017

Short Stories

  • Bus to Bordeaux was published in Selfies and Portraits: Snapshots from the Library After Dark Writers’ Café, an anthology published by South Dublin County Council in 2016
  • Meeting Luis was published in Mustang Bally anthology by the Ballyfermot Writer’s Group and the Ballymun Writer’s Group in May 2019
  • An extract from Flight Into the Future has been accepted in the journal Knock and Enter due to be published in 2020 by Dublin City Library Services


  • A poetry film of Thames Way was made and it featured in the 4th Ó Bhéal International Poetry Video Competition in Cork in October 2016 (