In the Bath: a poem

This poem won 2nd place in the Ballyroan Library Competition 2018.

In the Bath

I step in

and skin is scalded

the meniscus crawls up my face

my chest hairs are dancing reeds

my nose rests above the surface like a crocodile

silence is a muffled drum

a piano struck in a distant room

I listen to the slightest flicker of a finger

the shudder of shoulders

I run my hand across my legs and chest

touch is dulled by the water

I come back into the humid air

my eyes full

I speak and set the atoms dancing

Pass: a poem

This poem was highly commended in the Ballyroan Library Poetry Competition 2018. The poem makes references to places on the Dingle peninsula.


The air is clenched. Ember smoke guts

from the fireplace. We speak in staccato tones.

An anvil of guilt sits in my stomach

after last nights crossing of words.

For air and time, I drive to Connor Pass.

Fog clouds the road rendering 

my map useless. A stream runs furiously

from Peddler’s Lake, slapping the cliff.

I return home and let the silence

sooth out an apology. You still read

the newspaper, turn it sharply. In my pocket

a compass twirls and twirls in frenzy.

Mariposas: a poem

The following poem Mariposas was published in the April issue of Boyne Berries. Here is the poem. Mariposa was written when I walked the Camino. It means butterflies in Spanish.


Around and over the path 

are ten butterflies.

Delicate powdered wings, 

blue, white and black.

They flutter towards me and away 

and once nearly into my mouth.

A walking friend tells me they are souls 

that choose to stay behind.

She said in the Gross-Rosen camp there were hundreds

craved into the walls of the huts. 

I count the butterflies that came across my path

during the rest of that day and I lose count. 

Winner of the Ballyroan Library Poetry Competition 2018

I found out that a poem of mine In the Bath has won 2nd place in the Ballyroan Library Poetry Competition. Another poem Pass was highly commended in the same competition.  You can see photos of the events here at the following link. Also, the poems have been published on the Ballyroan Library website. The poems are also available to read here on this website.