Publications List

Poetry Chapbook

Camino Cantos has been accepted for publication by Lapwing Press. Camino Cantos is a chapbook of 18 poems written on the Camino de Santiago.

Individual Poem

35 poems have been/will be published by literary journals, anthologies and websites:

  • The Journey and The Countryside were published in the anthology Smoketails published by students of UCC in 1998
  • The Source, the journal of Students Union, Maynooth University published Invitation in 1999
  • The Stinging Fly Issue 24, Vol. 2 published Walls and Since 10 o’clock in 2013 issue
  • Cyphers published On Brighton Beach in 2013 and Gaze in 2014
  • The Limerick Writer’s Centre published Lahinch Walk and Conifer Man in It’s a Queer City: All the Same, an anthology of LGBT writing from Limerick in June 2016. It was edited by Shane Vaughan
  • Warm Bedrock was published on the Library After Dark Writers’ Cafe webpage in 2016
  • Boyne Berries published Settlings in 2017, Mariposas in 2018, and Lady of the Lake in 2019
  • The Ballyroan Library website published In the bath and Pass in April 2018
  • The Blue Nib published Dawn Over O’Cebreiro in 2018. In issue 38 The Dream Tree, The Lake, The School, The Still Point, 1st September 2014, and Sole were published on the 15th June 2019
  • The Waterford Teacher’s Centre published Footprints and Shrine an anthology Teachers’ Who Write on the 5th December 2018. The anthology was edited by Edward Denniston.
  • Flare, the occasional journal of the Sunflower Sessions, have published six haiku from A Thousand Sparks in Flare 10 in 2019 and Driftwood appeared in Flare 11
  • Poetry 24 website has published Water Table and The Weathervane in February 2019
  • In the anthology Mustang Bally the poems The Eight Sisters, Hymn, A Sort of Song, Faltering into Sound, and Bendición, were published in May 2019. Mustang Bally was published by The Ballyfermot Writer’s Group in conjunction with the Ballymun Writer’s Group.
  • Impossible Archetype published The River for issue 6 in August 2019
  • The Market Lane Writers’ Group, Fermoy, Co. Cork will published In Glendalough Woods, The Feather Hair Clip and Way Home in an anthology to be launched on the 13th September 2019.
  • Crossways has accepted At Cee for issue 8 due out in September 2019

Haiku Collections

  • Thames Way is my first collection of haiku and tanka and was published in 2015 by Alba Publishing. ISBN 978-1-910185-23-0. Launched on the 22nd October 2015.
  • A Thousand Sparks is my second collection of haiku and was published in 2018 by Alba Publishing. ISBN 978-1-910185-44-5. Launched on the 18th October 2018. 

Haiku and Tanka individual poems

Since 2010 about 170 of my haiku and tanka have been published in the following journals, websites and anthologies:

Journals and Websites

  • A Hundred Gourds, an online journal
  • Akitsu Quarterly, a small journal
  • Blithe Spirit, the journal of the British Haiku Society
  • bottle rockets, an experimental haiku journal
  • cattails, an online haiku journal
  • Chrysanthemum, a German and English haiku journal
  • Deewriter, the personal webpage and blog of Diarmuid Fitzgerald
  • Failed Haiku, an online journal focusing on haiku about humans
  • Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society of America
  • Gnarled Oak, an online journal of haiku and short lyric poems
  • Hedgerow, an online journal of small poems
  • Icebox, the blog of Hailstones Haiku Circle, based in Kyoto, Japan
  • Ink, Sweat and Tears, an online journal of small poems
  • Kokako, a New Zealand haiku journal
  • Modern Haiku, the leading independent journal of haiku in America
  • Presence, an independent British haiku journal
  • Shamrock, the online journal of the Irish Haiku Society
  • Skylight 47, an independent newspaper of poetry
  • Under the Basho, an online archive
  • WA Poets Inc, an online journal
  • Wild Plums, an online seasonal journal


  • Beginning: the British Haiku Society Members’ Anthology 2016 
  • Edge: the British Haiku Society Member’s Anthology 2015
  • Ekphrasis: The British Haiku Society Members’ Anthology 2017
  • Meltdown, an anthology published by Hailstones Haiku Circle
  • One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each, an anthology by Hailstones Haiku Circle
  • Persimmon, an anthology published by the Hailstones Haiku Circle 2017
  • ‘poet meets painter’ the original Hungry Hill Writer’s Group anthology in 2010
  • Selfies and Portraits: Snapshots from the Library After Dark Writers’ Café, an anthology from the Library After Dark hosted in Clondalkin Library
  • Stone after stone, an anthology of haiku writing, Haiku Ireland 2017

Short Stories

  • Bus to Bordeaux was published in Selfies and Portraits: Snapshots from the Library After Dark Writers’ Café, an anthology published by South Dublin County Council in 2016
  • Meeting Luis was published in Mustang Bally anthology by the Ballyfermot Writer’s Group and the Ballymun Writer’s Group in May 2019