Writing CV


My collection of haiku and tanka poetry, Thames Way, was published in 2015 by Alba Publishing (www.albapublishing.com). I have completed a draft of my novel, An Affinity For Metal. A second collection of haiku will be published in 2018 by Alba Publishing called A Thousand Sparks. I write poetry and short stories. I have had poems published in leading literary journals. In 2018 I won the Individual Artist Bursary from South Dublin County Council. A poem of mine won 2nd place in the Ballyroan Library Competition.

Haiku and Tanka Poetry

  • My collection of haiku and tanka poems Thames Way was published in 2015 by Alba Publishing. Haiku are three lined poems and tanka are five lined poems
  • Thames Way reflects my journey along the Thames River. I walked from London to the source over 180 miles. I wrote the haiku and tanka poems along the way
  • My second collection of haiku, A Thousand Sparks, has was published in 2018.
  • All of the haiku from A Thousand Sparks has been published in literary journals and websites such as Blithe Spirit, Frogpond, Presence, and Shamrock (see List of Publications for full details)


  • I have written three haibun to date. This is a new area for me
  • Haibun are a combination of prose and haiku poetry (as well as tanka). Haibun are generally about personal reflections and travel writing
  • I attended and joined a haibun writing workshop called Pepperpot based around the Peppercanister Church area of Dublin
  • I plan on writing more haibun now and in the future


  • I have had 18 poems published in leading literary journals such as The Stinging Fly, Cyphers, the Blue Nib and Boyne Berries (see List of Publications for full details)
  • I walked the Camino in Spain in 2016. I wrote a sequence of 15 poems called Camino Cantos.


  • I have completed the 2nd draft of my first novel called An Affinity For Metal
  • An Affinity For Metal is about the life of Darragh Hayes who has a special ability to bend, melt, attract and repel metal. He was born with this ability. He goes to great lengths to hide this ability. The story is about Darragh coming to terms with his ability and his romantic relationships with other men
  • I have started writing another novel called The River Takes It. It is about a teacher whose daughter gets killed in tragic circumstances. The main character writes about what happened to his daughter and what he feels about what happened.

Short Story

  • A short story Bus to Bordeaux has been published in an anthology called Selfies and Portraits: Snapshots from the Library After Dark Writers’ Café published by South Dublin County Council.

Bursaries and Awards

  • I won a scholarship to attend the Yeats Summer School in Sligo in July 2018.
  • A poem ‘In the Bath’ won 2nd place in the Ballyroan Library Competition. Another poem ‘Pass’ was highly commended in the same competition
  • I have been granted an Individual Artist Bursary by South Dublin County Council for 2018. It will partly cover the cost of A Thousand Sparks.
  • A haiku of mine was editors choice in the ‘cattails’ haiku journal in September 2016.
  • A haiku of mine was runner-up in the Haiku Museum Award in Blithe Spirit journal in February 2017.

Creative Writing Workshops

  • I have given a 2-hour evening workshop on introducing haiku as part of the Red Line Festival in October 2016. 10 people attended the workshop and the feedback was very positive
  • I completed a Teach Creative Writing Course with Dave Lordan at the Irish Writers’ Centre (IWC) in 2015

Membership of Writing Groups/Centres

  • I am a member of the Parnell Square Writer’s Group (PSWG). This is a group of writers that formed after the Intensive Novel Writing Workshop lead by Claire Kilroy in 2014 held at the IWC. The PSWG meets once a month
  • I am a member of Library After Dark Writers’ Café (LAD), which meets once a month either in Clondalkin Library or in the Steering Wheel pub
  • I am a member of Haiku Ireland, which hosts a number of writing walks in Dublin
  • I am a professional member of the IWC


  • I emceed the reading of the LAD reading at Clondalkin Library in December 2017
  • I was the guest poet for the Ó Bhéal Open Mic reading series in May 2017
  • I have read as part of Experience Japan Festival in 2014 – 2017
  • I have read as part of the Red Line Festival 2016 in Tallaght, Dublin
  • I have read at various open-mic readings such as Slam Sunday, Flying South, Sunflower Sessions, Ó Bhéal, Accents Café and Takin the Mic from 2015 to date


  • Thames Way was made into a poetry film. This was shown as part of the 4th Ó Bhéal International Poetry-Film Competition in October 2016 (https://vimeo.com/178724730)
  • A haiku appeared on a programme about haiku on NHK, the Japanese national TV station in 2016
  • I appeared on a radio programme called Rhyme and Reason on South Dublin Community Radio 93.9 FM.  The programme will air on Friday the 14th December 2018 at 7 pm.