2 Poems

Aughacasla Strand

The wide bay is shaped like a horseshoe.
The sand fills the pools and algae covers 
the rocks. The wash comes in then goes out 
with a crash. My debts pile up, drag
me down. I lost my job and my world shakes.
I seek to clear my head as it pounds
then run to find an answer, make an imprint
of feet. I release my thoughts into the waves
which pull back, leaving the shingle shining
in rusted browns, yellows, reds and blues.

Rented House

As you open the front door 
the light through the fan window is lost for a while.

Dampness from mouldy walls wets the window.
A door may be slammed,
keys lost, or an argument had over unpaid bills.
The spark of anger is doused
as you keep your distance.

The shape that you carry from house to house
is a suitcase. The views from various bedrooms
changes over the years.

Through the neighbour’s window
a family sits down to a hot meal
and the steam clouds the glass.

Photo Credit drmakete lab on Unsplash

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